American Brunch at Codru Hotel****

Is it possible to call a day off when you need to jump out from Your bed early in the morning, to prepare the breakfast and after it to clean up, to wash the dishes, and to think about the activities for the children, also to find time for all this duties.
Or there is another choice to sleep enough, unhurriedly to gather the whole family and to go at Codru Hotel , where you will find everything already prepared and offered by our professional staff. Slowly enjoying the food, chatting with Your friends, reading the latest news and supervising Your kids how they are playing and having fun. That’s why exists brunches .
This Sunday brunch will start with a speech of our Chef - telling You about the history of the classic burgers and the basic principles of its preparation, as well as revealing the secrets thanks to which the dish becomes a real "taste of America."
The outdoor barbecue, taste and smell of freedom, what could be better to the upcoming Sunday!
You can make a table reservation on the following phone number: +37368100830

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